Compassionate Representation For Families With Child Welfare Issues

Are you an Arizona or California parent who is in danger of losing custody of your child?

The child care and guardianship law firm you can depend on for solid legal guidance and skilled support is Meerchaum & Orduno, PLLC, in Yuma.

We provide facts, options and effective leadership when potentially life-changing family issues put a child's upbringing and well-being in question. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience with successfully seeking favorable outcomes in child welfare cases.

When care and custody of a child or children are called into question because of parents deemed to be unfit, or grandparents or stepparents come forward to petition for custody of a child who has been abandoned or orphaned, our law firm can act swiftly in your best interests.

Comprehensive, Compassionate Representation For Child Welfare Matters

We invite you to discuss your Arizona or California family's child welfare issues in an initial consultation with Meerchaum & Orduno, PLLC, lawyers. Please call 928-248-8916 or send an email message.